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EENA Conference & Exhibition 2024

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April 24-26, 2024


Valencia, Spain

Million Consulting Services attended the EENA 2024 Conference in Valencia, Spain to participate in several conference sessions.

Monica Million, CEO and Founder, chaired a panel of industry experts in a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and how it has revolutionized public warning alerts, CAD automation, and emergency response.
- Menno Bot, Solutions Architect, Public Warnings
- Solange van der Kolff, Software Engineer, Everbridge
- Anders Sandell, CTO, OMDA Emergency
- Alex Dizengof, CTO and Founder, Carbyne

Monica was also a panelist in an enlightening discussion about Women in Emergency Services.
- Jules Lockett, General Manager EOC Newham, London Ambulance Service

- Liana-Emilia Musat, 112 Development Policies Office Coordinator, Special Telecommunications Service Romania
- Sophia Gebath-Wicho, Lower Austria Emergency Command and Control Center, Austria
- Sara Weston, Founder/Executive Director, 911der Women, Inc.
- Monica Million, CEO and Founder, Million Consulting Services, LLC.
- April Heinze, Chief of 911 Operations, National Emergency Number Association, United States

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